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Tom Jagucki


RE/MAX Unlimited Results Realty

Sales and the art of selling is a trait Tom has been utilizing all his life. Throughout his youth he loved coming home with the forms from school for fundraisers. Jumping forward into his professional life he spent his years selling paint for Sherwin Williams, working in the boat business selling boats from all over the world and of various sizes, and now selling homes. To an extent Sales is Sales. Tom’s ability to build on relationships has helped him throughout his entire career. Building on these relationships has created some life long friends and developed into repeat customers across Tom’s career lines.

Real Estate is a natural fit for Tom and his ability to discover the right home based on customers’ wants and needs. Tom will work late, get up early, and go the extra mile to make sure all your needs are met and expectations are surpassed in your quest for your next home. Please call Tom today at (419) 656-5084 or email at: