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Rental Day
Rental Period Pickup
Rental Period Drop-off
Length of Rental
Monday Monday 9:00 am Tuesday 8:00 am 23 hours
Tuesday Tuesday 9:00 am Wednesday 8:00 am 23 hours
Wednesday Wednesday 9:00 am Thursday 8:00 am 23 hours
Thursday Thursday 9:00 am Friday 8:00 am 23 hours
Friday Friday 9:00 am Saturday 8:00 am 23 hours
Saturday Saturday 9:00 am Sunday 8:00 am 23 hours
Sunday Sunday 9:00 am Monday 8:00 am 23 hours

Frequently Asked Questions


Priority is given to clients that are in the process of moving as a result of a current buy or sell with our 108 S Washington St, Tiffin RE/MAX Unlimited Results Realty brokerage. If two people request the same rental period, priority will be given to the rental request that was entered first over the phone with our office at 419-443-7653. You may only book 1 rental reservation. 


When you pick up the truck you will need 3 items, if you do not have these items we will not be able to provide the box truck for you :

1. A valid drivers license, the renter must also be 21 years of age

2. A valid insurance card matching the driver license, the insurance card must also not be expired

3. A valid credit card on file to take care of unexpected unpaid expenses regarding the actual box truck

Picking the Truck Up

The box truck rental agreement must be done during normal office business hours 8:30 am - 5 pm. You can pick the truck up at any point during your rental period once you have filled out the rental agreement. Keys to the box truck will be provided once the rental agreement paperwork is complete. The rental agreement paperwork can be completed at the office prior to the agreed-upon rental period.

Bringing the Truck Back

Once you have finished using the box truck, please fill the gas tank and check in to do a brief mileage inspection. Please make sure you return the box truck no later than the end of your scheduled rental period because there may be others waiting for their upcoming scheduled rental period to move as well. 

Take Note

Once you schedule a box truck reservation rental period, you will be put under "tentative" status until our team can verify with your agent that you have been cleared.