Watch Bill Jones interview our friend Jennifer Burns from Rustic Flair & Brush about making your home look it's best to increase its value. 

Should I worry about Staging and Decorating my House?

If you want the most buyers to see the most potential in your home, yes.

Having an outside perspective helps with making your home the most inviting. 

Remove the front door clutter. We're talking coats, shoes, umbrellas, hats, excessive keys, mail, whatever ends up in your entrance. If the first thing someone sees upon entering your home is clutter, they will want to walk right back out. 

Do I need more Space? How do I make my Rooms Look Bigger?

Whether you're working with smaller square footage or smaller size rooms, you don't need a total renovation or new addition. Some tips for making what you have feel bigger are:

Use natural light

Use light paint colors

Use Mirrors

Declutter! Everything has a purpose

Are Kitchens a Big Deal?

ABSOLUTELY. Kitchens are one of the top-selling features in a home. For several reasons, a great kitchen can make all the difference. 

A coat of paint helps, but it will not change your kitchen. 

If you have hosted holiday meals, you know that square-footage, counter space, and layout are all important. 

While included appliances make a statement, newer and matching appliances say more. 

A fresh backsplash and updated faucet can pop a modern look into your kitchen without spending a lot.

For a higher price tag, countertops, cabinets, and floor are highlighted features that buyers look for. Realistically, you may not want to invest in all that to sell, as it would be challenging to make back that whole investment. Some alternatives might be painting the kitchen cabinets, or getting an epoxy coating on the countertops.

Does Curb Appeal Matter?

Curb appeal may not have the same definition it used to, but it still matters! 

Curb appeal is the first thing a potential buyer sees. That was typically your front yard/porch. Now, with most buyers online, the first thing they see will be the photos. Within the first 5 photos, a buyer can decide whether or not that want to tour your home. It is so important for every photo to be taken with care and awareness of the space. Angle, lighting, and cleanliness go a long way. 

You do not need to renovate your whole yard, but weeding and trimming bushes will go a long way. We would also recommend adding mulch or stone to flower beds, and cleaning up any toys, bikes, etc.