Are you house shopping and looking for a better way to shop? Bill Jones and Bryan Schube discuss some popular questions that come up when house hunting. 

What is the best way to find a home?

With so many outlets to search through, like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, Craig’s List, Facebook Groups, and more, it can be a real job to find the home you are looking for. A buyer’s agent can do the looking for you, so you can be sure not to miss a thing!

Is there a better/secret way to locate a deal?

No, unfortunately. If there were a special site for good deals, every listing would end up there because every listing believes and wants buyers to believe, that they have a great deal. We recommend not signing up for potential spam and definitely not paying any site for a promise of a secret deal. 

Is a for-sale-by-owner a good deal?

It can be. Usually, a FSBO is trying to cut costs by selling their home on their own. This can mean you find a good deal, but be careful. A FSBO may be asking for too much without knowledge of the market and comparable pricing. An appraisal can save you from paying too much. Having an agent on your side will ensure the written offer is made to protect your best interests.

Can I get a good deal at a real estate auction?

Potentially, but there is risk involved. Many real estate auctions are done online, so not seeing the property in person increases the risk factor.

Do you need an agent to find a good deal?

You can get lucky and find one, but you won’t miss any of the good deals if you have an agent looking on your behalf.

Do you need to check listings every day?

It is recommended to regularly check property listings. If you have an agent watching for you, you can focus more on living your life and not adding another thing onto your plate.

Can I look for houses without feeling spammed?

Yes. Be honest with your agent about your wants and needs so they can narrow the search for you. This will result in fewer messages about properties that won’t interest you.

Can I narrow my search to specific neighborhoods?

Yes! You can limit your search to room count, attached garage, full basements, and even down to a specific street. The narrower your search, the longer it may take to find a home. 

I can’t find any houses I like, are my expectations too high?

Probably. Usually, there is not a perfect home that will check all your boxes and have the price tag you need. We recommend following the idea of the 80-10-10 rule. 80% of the house is what you are looking for, 10% can be changed, and 10% you can live with.  

I love every house, how do I decide which offer to make?

If you need to make a list of pros and cons, then do so! Figure out which home is the best for you. If you put an offer in and find a better home before that offer is accepted, you can pull your offer from the first one.